Magic Stick

Raxso Drive Magic 5.0

Raxso Drive Magic 5.0: Sanitize, protect & secure any magnetic drive, USB drive, camera card and more! Magic will never harm your existing files like so many others. Drive Magic also now contains 4 Patent-Pending sanitation methods which also include our exclusive drive reconditioning process - only Drive Magic offers you a truly safe and secure way to sanitize a drive that is in use. Our state of the art sanitation process will also cap off remaining sectors and recondition the unused free drive space - this helps extend the life of the device. Why

Magic Academy 1.0: Play Online Magic Academy Game - Unlock the mystery of the Magic Academy in this
Magic Academy 1.0

Explore a magical and mysterious atmosphere as you investigate the sudden disappearance of your sister from the Magic Academy. Enter the Higher Academy of Arwindale and begin your investigation straight away. With the help of your tutors you`ll learn to take off protective spells, see invisible objects and look into the future. You will also meet ghosts, find ancient spells and use magic artifacts. Overcome all difficulties, and you`ll discover t

free, game, magic academy, play, online

Magic iPod Video Converter Convert almost all video formats to iPod or other portable video device.
Magic iPod Video Converter

Magic iPod Video Converter is an expert and easy-to-used iPod Video converter. Magic iPod Video Converter has the ability to convert almost all popular video formats into iPod Video and other various video formats. No program supports so comprehensive video file formats to iPod MP4 like Magic iPod video converter by building in lots of codecs. Magic iPod Video Converter let you enjoy the film with your iPod. It is a must-have for anyone who wants

3gp2, convert, ipod, video, mjpeg, audio, rmvb, mjpgm, converter

ID USB Lock Key 1.2: ID USB Lock Key is a high performance PC blocking program.
ID USB Lock Key 1.2

stick (Flash Drive), by pressing CTR+ALT+DEL. - ID USB Lock Key protects thoroughly by not allowing access not even after a reboot of your computer. It makes sure that your PC doesn`t reboot to its original unblocked status. - Generates a unique protection key for one or more USB sticks. In case you loose your USB stick, or you want to allow access to another user on his/her private USB stick, the program will generate another unique key. - Displays

usb block, spyware, usb lock key, stick, shield, antispyware, protect, id usb lock key, erase, security suite, privacy, internet, usb lock

Jack-o`s Revenge 1.9: As a jack-o-lantern, you must survive a witch`s castle for the five magic items.
Jack-o`s Revenge 1.9

An evil witch has turned you into a jack-o-lantern! Now you must survive the perils of her castle while finding the five magic items to reverse the spell. Bounce, smash, shoot or squash your way through 15 levels of unique enemies, while collecting magic, power-ups and searching for secrets. For support or registration go to www.HsRetroGames.Com!

magic, games, jack o lantern, spider, potion, witch, retro, fire ball, pumpkin, cauldron, platform, scorpion, classic

Magic Sort List 1.0.0: Sort Alphanumeric List Ascending or Descending Order
Magic Sort List 1.0.0

Magic Sort List is here to the rescue. Magic Sort List comes with our revolutionary sorting engine which we have perfected and further refined from our desktop sorting application, CM Sort List NX. Other sorting application is good at sorting alphabetical list but failed when encountering non-zero padded numbers. Have you ever sorted a list of say, 5 1 10 and ended up with a list like 1 10 5 ? Magic Sort List treats numbers as numbers and will give

alphanumeric sorting, running number, add alphabetic header, ascending sort, remove duplicates, descending sort, sort list

Magic Enhancer Lite 1.0: Using Magic Enhancer you can adjust lightness, contrast and color balance.
Magic Enhancer Lite 1.0

Magic Enhancer Lite is a free Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows. Using Magic Enhancer you can essentially improve your photos: adjust lightness, contrast and color balance. Magic Enhancer is perfect for enhancement image and photo with lack of lightness or uneven illumination, silhouetted images on dark background. You can adjust local contrast of your photos, emphasize fine details and make your photos more expressive. Convenient color temperature

imageskill, photo impact, macromedia, corel, image enhancement, fireworks, color balance, white balance, plugin, lightness, filter, image skill, contrast

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